The short version

We still recommend you read the full document to the left, which our fantastic lawyer carefully constructed and tells us is legally binding. But here is a summary for the lazy and trusting.

  • It's up to you to manage the security and passwords of your team. If you're a freelancer, you should probably let your client manage billing so that they are responsible for these terms.
  • Don't use Webhook to pirate content, harm others, host porn or do anything illegal.
  • We'll charge you each month to continue service until you cancel. We'll give you 30-days notice if we need to raise the price.
  • You get a certain amount of bandwidth as part of our service. If you exceed it, we'll send you a note and charge you for that overage at the listed rate you agreed upon.
  • You own your content, but we may need to internally copy it from time to time so that we can provide you better support and functionality.
  • We provide reasonable support, but we won't teach you how to program.
  • We provide the ability to download backups of your data from the last seven days. It's up to you to store your backups somewhere.
  • We reserve the right to shut down your site if you're breaking the rules or causing trouble.
  • If you break these rules in a way that causes financial harm to Webhook you are responsible for indemnifying us.

  • Webhook is provided as is. Bugs may exist.
  • We may change these terms in the future. You should check back every once in awhile.