The short version

We still recommend you read the full document to the left, which our fantastic lawyer carefully constructed and tells us is legally binding. But here is a summary for the lazy and trusting.

  • We collect information through various forms you fill in, cookies and analytics programs.
  • We only use this information to contact you, provide support and make Webhook better.
  • We may aggregate this data and provide it to a third party so they can tell us where Webhook sucks. For example, we track what phrases you search for so that we know where our documentation is failing.
  • We use Stripe to manage your billing information. They have their own privacy policy.
  • We do our best to protect your data and keep it safe. But hey, you do the same buddy.
  • You can email us at anytime. We might email you every once in awhile, but only because we think it's information you need to know.
  • We may change our privacy policy in the future. You should check back every once in awhile.