Docs » Creating your first site

Create a new site with the Webhook App

To create a new site with the Webhook App, simply click the + button on the left hand site and following the instructions. Once created, click on the site, then click the "Run local server" button to spin up your site. It should open the site at locahost:2002 in your browser.

Create a new site with the Command Line Tools

First make sure you've properly installed the Webhook command line tools. Next, open up your terminal, navigate to a place where you'd like your site files to be and type:

wh create your_site_name

This process will ask for your Webhook username and password. Don't worry if you don't have one yet, you can create one as you go. Once complete this will create a your_site_name directory with a basic, skeleton site inside.

Next, run the following commands in your terminal.

# Navigate to your site directory
cd your_site_name

# Launch the local runserver
wh serve

Your browser should open and you should see a Hello World homepage. Congrats, you've set up Webhook locally.

Anytime you want to re-open your webhook site, simply navigate back to that same directory and run wh serve.