Webhook is now only $9 a month

We've updated the Webhook marketing site and are lowering the price of Webhook for everyone!

Dave Snider. October 28 2014.

Pricing for technology is tricky. When we launched our Kickstarter back in May we really had no idea what the operational costs of Webhook would look like. We knew that with our static nature, the actual storage and delivery of websites would be fairly cheap, but we had no idea what kind of hardware we'd need at scale. As a bootstrapped company you're always worried about costs so we erred high and settled on $20. The discount for Kickstarter meant we'd need to price new, non-Kickstarter users at $25.

Fast forward to today and Webhook's growing at a steady 35% a month in paid revenue. We've now been open for business for three months total and have a fairly good idea about our stability and costs. The good news is it's all been pretty positive. Webhook hosted sites have never really had any downtime. Our backend infrastructure has been incredibly stable, and there's only been a couple momentary software glitches in the actual CMS. All this despite a breakneck feature addition pace that's introduced CMS InternationalizationWordpress importingVanity URLS301 redirects, the downloadable Webhook app and oh-yeah, the open-sourcing of our entire codebase.

More importantly the Webhook system hasn't had much strain from a hardware perspective in the actual build systems. Building static sites through Firebase turned out to be pretty cost efficient. We now have a better idea of what a typical Webhook site costs to operate and that data made us conclude we're likely charging too much. Specifically, we think it's worth it to lower the price and try and gain a larger audience than to bank the extra revenue. We want more people using Webhook.

So starting this moment, Webhook is $9 a month. That's down from the $25 we charged yesterday. This change will take effect immediately and be shown in your next monthly invoice, even if you're an existing customer. There is no change in our service, support or bandwidth limits. It's just a straight up lowering of the price. If you were one of the 40 Kickstarter backers that pre-paid for a year's time, we'll extend your time based upon the new pricing.

If you have any questions about the pricing change please don't hesitate to contact us directly. You can email me at We're excited as ever to be building Webhook. You can check our homepage now for a roadmap for what's coming up next.

Also, please check out the new Supergiant Games website. We built their site internally using Webhook and they were gracious enough to let us use it in our promotional materials.

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