Webhook API Now in Beta. Feature Roadmap Updated.

Currently in beta, we've opened up API endpoints to inject data into Webhook's CMS.

Dave Snider. December 08 2014.

Last week we quietly launched some API endpoints for Webhook. They allow you to inject, edit and delete content from Webhook's data layer through simple URL based hooks along with an API key. Each one of these actions will also perform an automatic rebuild of your static site. You can find documentation for the system here. We've also laid out a small example app that fetches new tweets, then inserts that tweet data into Webhook and rebuilds the site on the fly. As a beta product, we'd appreciate any feedback you can provide to improve the service.

We've also updated our feature roadmap and started work around the following features:

  • The addition of the "Grid / Repeater" widget into our form builder. It will allow you to build a repeatable form within a form so that you can add additional content into your pages without needing to set up distinct content types.
  • We've begun looking at ways to provide Javascript powered search to Webhook's frontend. This would provide a new default search results page to all Webhook sites and would return results based upon the content of your build directory.
  • We added a post to the forums that discuses ideas for i18n internationalization of Webhook's frontend. While still early, we're looking for feedback on how you'd expect internationalization to work both on the data entry and template portions of Webhook.

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