Updates to the Markdown and Relation Widgets

We continue to polish some of the most frequently used widgets in Webhook.

Dave Snider. January 21 2015.

Short update this week. We continue our quest to polish already existing features with new code for the Markdown widget and the relation widget.


The markdown widget now allows for syntax highlighting as you compose your document. You can toggle between a light and dark version for your theme. While in full-screen mode the preview area now auto-scrolls with your composition and will also provide syntax highlighting for any code blocks in your markdown (If you need highlighting on your front-end, we still recommend Highlight.js). We use the Markdown widget ourselves to build out the documentation.

We use Webhook to write the Webhook docs.


This week we attacked the relationship widget and added some small, but important features to help round it out.

  1. If you type a unique string when adding relations you'll now have a new option to create that item as you attach it. This is perfect for things like tags, where you don't necessarily know that you need a tag ahead of time.
  2. Once your list of relations is above more than five items we slightly shift the UI to be a little easier to read and manage. Relations will list vertically as seen below.
1. You can now create new items as you relate them.
2. We now dynamically adjust the display of the relation widget based on the number of items.

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