Updates Made to the WYSIWYG Editor and Other Widgets

We updated our core WYSIWYG editor with some new features and also fixed some annoying UI issues around other widgets.

Dave Snider. January 12 2015.

As a quick detour before we start on Internationalized output, the Webhook team went ahead and upgraded some of our existing widgets to make them a little easier to use. Here's a quick rundown of the new features.


We updated the WYSIWYG to the newest core Redactor code. We maintain a fairly large plugin library for Redactor that adds some more functionality on top of it and needed time to get everything back to master. While we were at it we added the following new functionality to the editor.

  • You can now style text with inline code and code blocks. This should allow you to add a syntax highlighter like Highlight.js onto your frontend for code snippets. Previously you'd need to edit your code blocks within the HTML code itself, which was a bit of a pain since Redactor escapes the content.
  • We added a new "Insert Embed Code" button that allows you to insert embeds from popular social sites like Twitter and Instagram. While the editor may not be able to render all embeds perfectly, they will now correctly render on the frontend.
  • The editor in general should be a bit more stable and you shouldn't notice as many cursor jumps.

If you notice any issues with the new WYSIWYG please feel free to open an issue on github.

Instructions now allow Markdown

Webhook's formbuilder now allows you to use Markdown syntax in your instruction text. This works for all widgets as well as the dedicated "Instruction" one. This should give you a little more freedom when writing help text for your clients. We also went ahead and styled the specific "Instruction" widget to look more like a form header and less like a generic alert or warning.

Repeatable form widget refinement

With the help of Bud Parr and some others in our forums we've adjusted the UI of the Repeatable Form widget. It should mostly go unnoticed, but there were some small edge cases where the form wouldn't act as expected. Thanks to all who submitted issues either on Github or the forums.

Coming up

We're going to spend another week on refinement before jumping into Internationalization. On the plate are improvements to our Markdown editor, scaffolding flow, relationships and a new Blog-centric theme that will show off everything Webhook has to offer.

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