Small Feature Update

We added new image size and cropping features and also now allow you to render raw HTML pages if you need.

Dave Snider. May 12 2015.

We haven't updated the blog in a bit but Webhook continues to grow at a steady pace and is being used for some large, high-profile projects (more on that in a later post). In the meantime we recently pushed some small, but requested bug features and fixes to the codebase.

  1. You can now crop and resize images by width and height independently. You can do this by passing two parameters into your filter (example: {{ item.image|imageSize(50,100) }}). You can read up on the new abilities over in our docs.
  2. Webhook now allows you to render URLs with .html extensions if you need it. In your pages directory simply format your filenames under the /pages/some-dir/some-file.raw.html format. That file will now render at Previous we forced all HTML pages to render as directories.

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