Repeatable Form Widget Added to Webhook

You can now add a repeatable form or "grid" using Webhook's Form Builder.

Dave Snider. December 18 2014.

As long as the Webhook CMS has existed, there always existed the request for some form of "Grid" or repeatable form widget in Webhook's form builder. Essentially people wanted the ability to add small forms within forms where you could add any number of items to an existing content type. Think slides in a carousel, galleries with more than captions, or players in a team. Webhook's relationship widget could do all of this of course, but it was a clunky experience that had you jumping between forms without context to pull it off.

Here's a clever homepage carousel. By using a relationship inside the form, we can either grab our slide data from the linked article or these optional fields.

Today we're proud to announce the release of the "Repeatable Form" widget. Available immediately to all (CLI users will need to run a wh update in their site directory) these repeatable forms also come with the ability to drag-and-drop your ordering which makes them perfect for homepage promos and other featured lists. Note that repeatable forms follow the same rules of all other Webhook widgets with the following caveats.

  • Items created from repeatable forms don't build their own URLs. They are simply an array of items tied to a parent content-type object. Relationships between two content-types are still the way to go there if you need URLs built out.
  • Any relationships included in repeatable forms are one-way only. They will only link outward from the repeatable item relationship, and not from what you are relating too.
  • Repeatable forms can include all other form widgets from the form builder except for page layouts and other repeatable forms.

As always, our team will be available on the message boards to help fix any issues that crop up.

Other new features

Last week we added front-end search to Webhook powered sites. It's baked into any new Webhook sites being made. Existing sites can add it using this step-by-step guide.

The road ahead

As far as next steps, we're taking a much needed break over the holidays and then will start on Internationalization of the front-end in January. We've posted a spec in the forums if you'd like to provide some feedback.

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