Introducing Solo: A New Blog Theme for Webhook

Aimed a solo bloggers who want a tumble style blog experience. It's totally free to use with your next Webhook site.

Dave Snider. January 27 2015.

This weekend we added a new theme to the Webhook library. Called "Solo" it's both a nice little default theme for blogging projects and a good way to learn about how Webhook works. The code is available on Github under an MIT license and you can of course install it directly through your CMS as well. In it you'll see how we added infinite scrolling to the homepage and utilize the API to auto-slurp Twitter, YouTube and Pinboard data into the site using Zapier as a middleman. If you'd like to start using the API yourself, we've got a great tutorial in our docs.

You can read a bit about the making of this blog over on my site, which is now sporting the new theme. Check it out!

Hello Solo

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