Edit JSON Data Directly In the CMS

Available now without any need to update.

Dave Snider. June 22 2015.

Small update, but the next time you log into your CMS all site owners (not editors) should have the ability to view and edit the JSON that we generate for each item of content. To view it, simply go to any content type, hover over the content you'd like to edit and click the "JSON" link. This is a powerful feature that while handy, can really screw up your site. Because of that we limit it to site owners only. It comes with the following limitations.

  • Editing a relationship will not create a reverse relationship on the opposite item as it does in the CMS normally.
  • There are no data validations or safeguards when saving. You'll want to lint and double-check your code as if you were editing the file directly in your text-editor.
  • It will not trigger a site build. You'll need to save the item directly with the existing CMS tools to do that after the fact.

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