Webhook is the easiest way to build custom, editable websites.

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The CMS re-imagined.

Webhook has no database, plugins or configuration files to manage. There is no backend to write. You simply load up the local dev environment and start building CMS forms in the browser like this.


Dozens of field types to build your forms.

If there's one thing we know, it's that everyone likes to enter content in different ways. We give you options.

Webhook's only code is at the template layer.

You call content from the CMS into your HTML like this.

{# Call content in from the CMS with the get tag. Let's pull in the articles. #}
{% set content = get('articles')%}

{# Let's sort all that content by publish date. #}
{% set content = content|sort('publish_date', true) %}

{# And let's add some pagination #}
{% set content = paginate(content, 10) %}

  {# Loop through the content we set above. #}
  {% for item in content %}
    {# Did we mention we'll take care of image resizing? #}
    <img src="{{ item.image|imageCrop(100) }}">
    <h5>{{ item.name }}</h5>
    {# You can use markdown if you want. We have dozens of different field types. #}
    <p>{{ item.body|markdown }}</p>
  {% endfor %}

 {# We provide a pagination template, but you can edit / replace it. #}
 {% include "templates/partials/paginator.html" %}

Look complicated? Don't worry, we build starter templates when you create your form so you don't need to remember this stuff.

Hosting is baked in. Everything compiles to a static site.

No need to configure servers, cache layers or backups. Static sites are reliable, fast and impervious to traffic spikes.

Simple, one-line deploys.

Your local terminal
~/code/yoursite/: wh deploy

Minifying assets...........finished.
Uploading site.............finished.

# Success. Your templates were deployed.
# Find your site at http://www.yoursite.com
# ---------------------------------------------------- #

Automatic rebuilds on the live site.


We watch for edits in the CMS, then rebuild the site.

Powered by Javascript.

Webhook runs on Node.js, Firebase, Grunt and Ember. Leverage NPM and thousands of open source projects for your site.

Quickstart installation

Webhook's basic commands are to the right. If you've never worked with NPM before, we have instructions and video that will get everything installed in two-minutes.

Your local terminal
# Install Webhook through npm
npm install grunt-cli wh

# Create your first site
wh create my_awesome_site

# Load the local runserver
cd my_awesome_site
wh serve

# Make your website live
wh deploy